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The Weinman Mineral Gallery displays some of the largest collections in the Southeast, housed in one place in the largest collection of natural minerals and minerals from around the world. Take time to explore Red Top Mountain State Park, a place that can be covered in one day but is now entertained by Red Top Mountain State Park. Visit the visitor center, which offers great views of the surrounding area, including the Redtop Mountain Trail, the Cartersville River and the Blue Ridge Parkway. Make your Carterville vacation unforgettable by visiting the lake or enjoying local food and drinks.

The Bartow Historical Museum is a great place to look back in time and learn what really happened in the early 20th century. On the site of the former Cartersville High School, a short drive from downtown, there is a gallery that houses the largest collection of historical artifacts in Georgia and artifacts from around the world. The museum has been preserved to allow a glimpse back in time, using the museum's collections of artifacts such as original maps, photographs, maps and maps of Carterville.

Walk through the historic site that serves as the site of the former Cartersville High School and the old Bartow County Courthouse, the oldest building in town.

While the Jones family's Rose Gardens are being restored, travelers can visit the school house, the carriage house and carriage house and learn about the history of the Rose Garden and its history as a tourist attraction. Step inside the beautifully restored Victorian mansion, which houses the Rose Garden and the former RoseLawn Museum.

Visit the interactive gallery where you can learn all about Western American art and the theater that plays the prize - every 20 minutes, The American Westa wins. Don't miss the 120-seat Bentley Planetarium, which hosts a variety of 45-minute shows throughout the day, as well as astronomy and stargazing events for children and adults.

Individual event tickets can be purchased or booked as an all-inclusive weekend ticket. Tickets are required in advance and can be purchased at www. Advance ticket sales are available at Bentley Planetarium on the day of the event for $10 per ticket.

For more information about the parade or to register, call 770-382-8571 or visit For more details on Christmas tree lighting, contact the Cartersville DDA at (770) 607-3480.

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Chick - fil - A at Cherokee Place serves a variety of menu items to keep you fed, and we strongly recommend you get to the place early to secure a place in the queue. Some of the must-have foods at this local place include shrimp, but the pictures are what's served first. Try the roast stuff, sip some fantastic beers and cocktails, or wait in line and try some chips.

The Burger Market, which resembles Cartersville Farmeras Market but offers more, sells a variety of burgers, sandwiches, salads, soups and other foods. They also sell a variety of products, including some very unique and cool products, including a hanging basket of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as some great handicrafts.

If you're visiting in September, don't miss the Rose Lawn Annual Arts Festival, which is recognized only by the Cartersville Chamber of Commerce and the Georgia State University College of Arts and Sciences. A must-do - visit, tasting for Georgia - produced wines and craft beers that are an absolute "must."

The Bartow History Museum is presenting "Lighting in the Sky," an annual celebration of the Bartow Center for the Arts at Georgia State University College of Arts and Sciences at Georgia State University, which will take place Saturday, September 9, 4-7 p.m. at the Cartersville Community Center. The event, which is public and free of charge, will benefit the annual scholarship fund of the Center for Students and Lecturers of the GSU.

The Bartow Center for the Arts at Georgia State University's College of Arts and Sciences is open to anyone interested in learning more about the history of the city of Cartersville, its history and cultural heritage. The center's staff, students, faculty and staff have worked on projects such as the Carterville Historical Society, the Georgia Museum of Natural History and the National Park Service, to name a few.

More About Cartersville

More About Cartersville